Ep: 9 Destroy All Pizza

Rabbit Ears TV Episode 9 -
Destroy all Pizza

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In the 9th episode of Rabbit Ears, Gamera has invaded Channel 62 and the gang are completely unprepared for the absurdness which is the Japanese classic “Destroy all Planets.” Aliens come to Earth and plan to take over the planet. When Gamera intercedes, they decide to use thier mind control ray to take over Gamera’s mind and order him to set fire to Tokyo. What does any of this have to do with destroying a planet, let alone all of them? That’s a good question.

The gang gets so excited that they order pizza from Arizona, which is surprisingly good for being over a day old. Strap in and get set as the gang riffs this cheesy Gamera classic!  Rubber suited monsters, badly dubbed little boys, and Gamera!

Approx Run Time:  1hr, 46 mins.