Ep: 10 Dragnet on 33rd Street

Rabbit Ears TV Episode 10 - Dragnet on 33rd St

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When Dan decides to create a bomb in protest of the local grocery bag laws, Sgt. Friday and Officer Gannon are called in. In between interrogations, the gang watch 3 full episodes of Dragnet. 

The Big Bomb: When a crazy man decides to blow up city hall unless they let his brother out of jail (his brother, after all, has two months left on his sentence), Joe Friday must stop him at all costs…even if it means blowing up the mayor in the process. This episode answers the age old question: Can Friday operate an elevator? 

The Big Grandma: Joe Friday goes on the search for an elderly woman who has been forging checks throughout the city for the past 10 years. It’s a wonder the police haven’t caught her yet because they have an excellent description: “She’s nice, with a good face.” 

The Big Oskar: Friday goes on the manhunt over a thief who steals 3 pieces of silver wear.  You heard that correctly, 3 pieces of silver wear. Along the way he meets the queen of all crazy cat ladies, and a man who wins the award for longest incoherent mumbling monologue in history. 

Dum dee dum dum! We’re getting down to just the facts in this installment.

Approx Run Time:  1hr, 30 mins.