Eat Our Shorts Vol. 2

Rabbit Ears TV - Shorts Vol. 2

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A compilation of short films from Rabbit Ears’ second season, including:

Hemp For Victory!

In this wonderful short made by the US Government during World War II, we learn (in great detail) just how to harvest marijuana, and all it’s many uses. Don’t forget you need a marijuana grower’s license before you get started though! Be sure to apply today! We would say more about this short, but after putting the lessons learned to good use, we honestly don’t remember much about it.

School Rules

School Rules! Or does it? In this short, we explore the ins and outs of school rules, as well as horrible fashion sense and inner elementary school corruption.

This is Coffee

What is coffee? Is it made from tomatoes? Is it phlem made from an alien caught in a time vortex? Perhaps it’s just pure happyness? We just don’t know.

Accidents Don’t Just Happen

With the help of the creepiest narrator in the history of film, we take a journey to discover what actually causes accidents, and how to avoid them. Apparently one of the chief causes of accidents is pie. No, seriously, they ACTUALLY include pie in the list of leading causes. What else should you avoid to ensure your own personal safety? You’ll have to watch (but not too closely-after all, there could be an accident just waiting to happen).

The Brink of Disaster parts 1 and 2

In “The Brink of Disaster,” Johnny is studying in the school library during a mass riot. He is suddenly visited by his own great great grandfather back from the spirit world. Instead of running out of the building screaming, he decides to have a long (very long) (very very long) debate over pretty much every social topic on the planet from freedom of speech to legalizing drugs. Nothing actually gets sorted out…until the rioters come. But somehow it then just gets even more confusing.

The Big Board

It’s ladies night out and Vicky, Jen and Sarah are looking forward to a fun night free of the regular nonsense that happens around the apartment. However, (with Pete’s help) they get hijacked by a short film about the US Stock Market called “The Big Board.”

Approx. run time: 1 hour, 39 mins.