Eat Our Shorts Vol. 1

Rabbit Ears TV - Shorts Vol. 1

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A compilation of short films from Rabbit Ears’ first season, including:

Frank and His Dog

Wyatt is apparently missing, and the gang console themselves by watching a friendly little film about a boy and his dog. However, it turns out not to be as friendly as they imagine when a cat appears on the scene!

Aristocrats of Fashion

While Duffy is “asleep”, the television magically turns itself on and the gang watches a 1950’s fashion show. All are horrified, but none more than Vicky, who decides to do her hair in similar fashion.

Mother Takes a Holiday (part 1)

When Vicky decides to replace Duffy’s couch with a new one, there is tension in the apartment. The gang tries to distract themselves with watching a short film about feminism…or washing machines…or feminist washing machines. Yes.

Mother Takes a Holiday (part 2)

When the gang hears that the 2nd part of Mother Takes a Holiday is coming on, almost everyone flees the scene. Jeff and Wyatt suffer through this conclusion of feminists washing machines taking over the world. Or something like that.

Peg Leg Pedro

It’s time for Saturday morning cartoons!  The gang gets up early to watch a demented gnome sadistically stealing treasure from innocent pirates while laughing at their physical pain.

The Return of Chandu Chapter 6

By now, audiences are thrilled and excited for the next installment of “The Return of Chandu!” And by “thrilled” we mean “driving to Target in the rain.” And by “excited” we mean…well….”driving to Target in the rain.”

Here comes Chapter 6: Chandu’s False Step! We’d like to argue that “Chandu’s False Step” should actually have been Chapter 1 for starting this entire serial in the first place…but we digress…

Chandu is trying to rescue Princess Naughty (again) and hilarity ensues! Yes. Join the gang from Rabbit Ears as we watch Bela Lugosi*, Peter Tork, Tom Wilson, Ralph Macchio and Lindsey Lohan in this classic masterpiece.**

* – Actually appears in film.

** – Blatant lie.

Zip Codes!

Starring the entire cast and crew of Rabbit Ears, this Holiday Special shows the importance of using Zip Codes, and how they make life better for everyone.

Approx Run time: 1 hour, 36 mins.