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The complete first season of Rabbit Ears!   Join the gang in watching some of the craziest films ever made, and join in the insanity!

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The complete first season of Rabbit Ears!   Join the gang in watching some of the craziest films ever made, and join in the insanity!  In this season:

And Then There Were….CAT!

In this episode, the guys forget to pay their cable bill on Halloween, but do their best to impress their neighbor Vicky by installing rabbit ears on their set to get the local UHF station. However, they aren’t prepared for the horror which is the 1945 thriller “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie.

Approx Run Time:  1hr, 50 mins.

Miracle on 33rd Street

It’s time to celebrate the Holidays “Rabbit Ears” style. In between watching “Miracle on 34th Street (sort of)” and a mysterious short film called “Holiday from Rules,” the gang does their annual holiday gift exchange. Oh…and someone might get poisoned. Come celebrate the holidays with the gang at Rabbit Ears!

Approx. Run Time:  1hr, 11 mins.

Sherlock Holmes and The Secret of Double Dating

Vicky has been pretending to have a boyfriend to compete with a girlfriend for sometime. Now, she is forced to choose one of the guys to pretend to be her boyfriend for a double date. However, when Wyatt innocently comes over to watch a Sherlock Holmes movie, he gets mistaken for the boyfriend and forces her hand.

Approx Run Time: 1hr, 46 mins.

Bela Lugosi Clones a Brooklyn Gorilla

Due to a freak science experiment, Dan has apparently been cloned, but none of the gang believes him. They are too busy watching the classic “Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla,” while Duffy desperately tries to fix the cable.

A wannabe Martin & Lewis act teams up with Dracula himself in this completely incoherant tale of love, mad scientists, and of course…gorillas! Or, as Bela would say: “Bluh!”

Approx Run Time:  1hr, 30 mins.

Basketball Fixation

Dig that old college sweater out of the moldy box it’s been sitting in, hope it still fits, and cheer for Johnny Long* and the rest of “state” as they play for the championship!

*Yes, his name is really “Johnny Long.” We couldn’t make something like that up if we tried.

Approx Run Time:  1hr, 39 mins.

Zontar:  The Thing From the Garage Sale

With it’s profound plot rip off of “It Conquered the World,” Zontar the Thing from Venus tells the tale of two scientists and how their life choices lead them to—oh forget it. There’s some weird bat creature that resembles Count Chocula living in a cave and we were just happy that it was in color.

Join the Rabbit Ears gang in riffing this amazing alien invader movie from the 1960’s!

Approx Run Time: 1hr, 35 mins.